A real Egg

because my breakfast was a fail yesterday I chose to try eggs today. I have a bunch of generic egg beater cartons, but was craving […]


There are a lot of acronyms in my little life today! After Spinning I went to my doctor so she could read my MRI results. […]

Running world cup – join Now!

Did you see the announcement for the Running world Cup? It starts today!! and I’m sharing how you can join us and run… All runners […]

Sunday set Up On Monday

Hello! considering that I was MIA from my computer all day yesterday I tried to get caught up on everything today. I worked until 3:30pm […]

Add this to Mint n Chip Ice Cream.

Hello! Are you prepared for a new year? I’m kinda reflecting on 2014 today… This morning I did a bit bit of stamina as well […]