>I have been recently reading a lot about data visualization. However, after having seen this TED talk by David McCandless: http://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf I have been fascinated by the enormous opportunities now available to improve the way we can present data. This is particularly important when we share data with coaches and athletes, but also when we present complex data sets for reporting purposes or when lecturing diverse audiences. considering the fact that in sports science we are dealing with more ad more data, it is clearly now needed to improve how we process and present them to improve our understanding and trying to communicate clearly specific outcomes. If you are curious. You should go and visit this interactive webpage. It shows the evidence for supplements for various conditions. As you can see…few things seem to work. data are taken and updated from PubMed and Cochrane. fantastic isn’t it? If you want to know more, you should read this book.

I had the time to play a bit with Google Ngram viewer. This google tool allows you to interrogate the occurrence of keywords in a large database of books. here is the result for strength training, athletics training and exercise physiology in English.

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